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Campfire is an open-source, self-hosted solution that offers collaborative deploy previews for containerized, headless frontends. Much like how an actual campfire brings people together to trade stories, Campfire aims to be a central place for cross-functional teams to visually review and discuss proposed code changes or bug fixes early in the development cycle.

Campfire integrates a feedback interface directly into each deploy preview, allowing teams to collaborate efficiently on proposed code changes or bug fixes from the early stages of development. All user interactions are synced bidirectionally with the associated GitHub pull request.

Other Projects:

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The A11y Project

Contributed to an open-source, community-driven non-profit project aimed at making digital accessibility easier, focusing on documentation.

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Developed a RequestBin-like web app for testing and debugging webhooks and HTTP requests, using Javascript, React, Express, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Nginx; hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet.

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In addition to being lead author & editor on the Campfire case study, I enjoy writing technical blog posts, documentation, READMEs, internal/external knowledge base articles, etc.